You know it’s time to get started

but you're sick of staring at a blank page 

What on earth should you do next? university graduates career mentoring

So what’s it all about?

Let’s face it...


If you’re reading this, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about

And really wishing that you had someone to help you figure it all out

forget fancy names like career mentor, what you need is someone who gives you real practical advice about how to get your career started and then makes sure you're doing it right

That's where I come in

What I don’t do...


I’m not here to make you sit and do a bunch of tests, only to tell you that you should be a fireman or a weather person or a newsreader 

This is real for you and I want to get you up and running as quickly as possible

Its about getting your head in the right space, having a plan and then working together so that you can go and get it done 

So let’s sit down...


It’s time to stop sitting and thinking about what you’re going to do and just get started

It's really that simple!

Let’s get going

so, who am i?

My name is Richard and 25 years ago, I was right where you are now - Graduated, ready to make my mark on the world and without a clue how to go about it!

I've been there and done it

Since then, I've succeeded as a lawyer and a banker all over Asia 

I've hired a lot of people just like you and helped them build their careers. I've sat on recruitment committees and I've looked at hundreds of applications 

All of which have given me a world of experience to share with you

And now I'm ready to help you

I remember being where you are and having absolutely no help that was any use at all

I'm here to listen to you and then we're going to figure out how we get to where you want

So, if you've been sitting stuck for too long, its time to get cracking

If you’re in Melbourne and you’d like to see if we can work together, then lets get this started 

I’ll be in touch quickly and we can take things from there 


The Next Step

1903, Como Centre, 644 Chapel Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3141, Australia

0415 916 363